With the end of the year came the fanciful idea that I should knit an intricate cowl 'shawl'. I'm Britta (BraveAmberBeats on Tumblr), and I give you the bumbling cartography of that ambition.

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I finished my Wool and The Gang “Zion Lion” hat for my Dad’s birthday, and could not be more pleased!!! I thought that it would take me much longer to complete, seeing as this is my very first hat. I’m wondering if knitting the two sides via the Vertical Seam Stitch, or using circular needles is easier. I really enjoyed working with a headier, thick fabric. As the ribbing comes together, Wool and The Gang’s “Sexy Wool” feels so wonderful between your fingers. Before long, it materializes into a comfortable weight that, with this brutal winter, is reassuring.

No matter how hard the work, nothing compares to the feeling that comes with having someone you love beam over something you handmade with love.

I would definitely recommend this Knit Kit for other beginners who would like to try their hands at a classic hat that will always be a hit during winter months.

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